Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ultimate Christmas Wishlist 2011

So last December I posted a list of everything I wanted for Christmas and it wasn't really anything I was expecting, just hoping to get. Imagine my surprise when my mom actually got me like EVERYTHING on that list!!!!! And while this isn't just a plea for her to get me all these things, other people have been asking me what I want for Christmas this year so I've compiled another list with handy links provided. :D

So without further ado...

My Ultimate Christmas WishList 2011

1. "All About Girls' Generation" DVDs

Ugh I've been wanting this FOREVERRRR but have not been able to buy it for myself so it's the first thing on my list! This is SIX dvds of random SNSD content plus a photobook and I MUST have it!!! It's like the ultimate thing to own if you're a fan.

2. Glee Season One

So this is a little tricky to explain. I already have Glee Season 1: VOLUME 1, in fact I have two copies of it, but that's only half of the first season. So I want Glee Season 1: Volume 2 for the other half of the season. I'd be fine with either the COMPLETE season one disc set, or just season one: volume 2 disc set, as long as it completes my season one!

3. Glee Season Two

Ahhh I want this one so bad! Normally I really hate Glee, like seriously I'm always mad at this show, but it just sucks you in and I still can't help but enjoy it. But seriously season 2 is when Darren Criss joins the cast and I just love him so much!!!!! If it wasn't for Darren Criss I would've stopped watching Glee a long time ago. But it's okay because now I'm in love with him and he made me love Glee all over again and I just need this in my life now!!

4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows DVDs

Okay so I've been looking online for like a box set of JUST these two movies but they only have a set of all 8 movies (which would be AWESOME!!!!). I would settle for just owning both Deathly Hallows though. Deathy Hallows Part 1 is my favorite of the two, but I've gotta have Part 2 for the story to be complete! :( It really sucks because Warner Bros. announced that after December 29 they were going to stop selling all the Harry Potter movies, so they REALLY want people to buy them now which is stupid but whatever.

5. Headphones

So this seems like a silly request for a Christmas gift but I've honestly lost every single pair of headphones I ever owned! Idk man anything that gets lost in my house never gets found again. :( But I have to fight my brother for his Turtle Beaches every day just so I can use them every once in a while so I just really want headphones again. I like these big types of headphones instead of the little ones so that when I'm walking people can clearly see I'm listening to music and we won't have that problem where they were calling me but I couldn't hear them and they didn't know I had headphones in! And I really want these because well they're SNSD headphones and they're just soooo pretty!!!!! If I got these people would know that they're mine so there won't ever be confusion and plus I wouldn't lose them!

6. A renewal for my Entertainment Weekly subscription

Not much else to say really. My mom got me a subscription for Christmas last year (it was on my wishlist) and it has been sooooo awesome so far!!! :D My sister thinks they're boring but it's because she's only into dumb fake celebrities like those Housewives of whatever and other tabloid stuff. Entertainment Weekly actually has value. It talks about good movies and tv shows and music and real celebrities who earned their fame!! :P

7. A new Kindle

So I got a Kindle before there was a stupid iPad or whatever. And I've had my Kindle for a while now but recently it broke or something because I don't have a stupid cover for it (they're like $60! even though it'd be worth it) and my warranty on it ran out :( BUT I decided instead of getting it repaired, I would just get a new one. The version that I currently have is SOOOOOO old, there have been about a million new versions that are better that have come out, like seriously it's SO OLD compared to the newer ones! My old Kindle had a keyboard and little joystick to navigate, but these new ones are all touch screen and stuff. And considering I paid $100 for my old one, and one of the new ones is $99, I think upgrading for the same price I paid before is well worth it.

So I want the Kindle Touch. They have many other types of Kindles like the Kindle Touch with free 3G but this Kindle already has wifi and if I ever wanna use 3G/internet somewhere where there's no wifi I can just use my iPhone. They also have the Kindle Fire which is kinda like an iPad with features for apps and games and it's in color and all that jazz, but I want a Kindle to READ BOOKS. That's what I originally got it for, and the LED backlight of the Kindle Fire/iPad makes it hard to read comfortably so I'd rather stick with the e-ink Kindle offers. Plus, all the apps I could ever want are on my iPhone, so I'd rather my Kindle do what it's supposed to do, have books for me to read. I really miss having my Kindle so I wish I could get this.

8. Greek Season 3 & 4

So Greek is my FAVORITE TV SHOW EVER!!!!! Ever ever ever in the history of tv shows. Ugh it's so underrated. :( It was the best written tv show and all other tv show makers should take note of how to do fucking character and plot development! Anyway, I have the first two seasons of this show but I don't have seasons 3 and 4 because at the time that I bought the other two seasons these hadn't been released yet. I'm just glad that they FINALLY have a complete season pack, rather than the stupid "season 1 volume 1, season 1 volume 2" crap. So yeah obviously I'd prefer season 3 just because I can watch the show in order now, but season 4 is the last one and I would like that one too.

OPTIONAL: Glee Movie

Once again, blame Darren Criss for my renewed vivid interest in Glee!!! He literally was the best damn thing about this movie!! <3 I just love him so much!!!! Amazon says this won't be released until December 20th though. :( So that's all I want for Christmas this year! :D Thankfully there aren't as many random kpop things as last year because I've managed to tone down my fangirling lol, but this year it's almost all dvds so you can tell how much I love tv lol. I REALLY want to write for a tv show!! I'd be so much better than a lot of these current writers because I watch so much tv I know what to do and what not to do. :P Anyway yeah I'm not really expecting to get these for Christmas, this is just what I WISH I would get but won't be disappointed if I don't! I hope everyone else gets what they want for Christmas this year though! :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Things I'm Thankful for this year (2011)

Wow I remember my first post on this blog was Thanksgiving last year. I was updating it from my phone and hey that's what I'm doing now! So if this ends up being posted like an hour after Thanksgiving is actually over well, it's not easy to type long paragraphs on an iPhone! -_-

So I just thought I'd say what I'm thankful for every day but only actually address on this day, cuz that's what we're supposed to do, right? So here goes.

I'm Thankful For:

1.) My niece Rhiannon ♥

Seriously I'm so obsessed with her it's kind of embarrassing. I take millions of pictures of her and pretty much all my status updates are about her and I just...I love being with her! Even when she's driving me absolutely crazy I still miss her if she's gone for more than an hour lol. She's such a brat and she's sooo conceited but her personality is so fucking cute. She says things like "You suck loser!" and dances to KPOP, like the actual dances that go with the song, and my name is the only name she knows how to say perfectly lol. <3 I just never knew I could LOVE someone SO MUCH, so deep, so unconditionally, and so overwhelmingly until she came into my life. I can't even explain the amount of love I feel for this little girl but it just consumes my whole being. It's different than loving a sibling or a family member or a significant other. It makes me excited for when I finally have my own kids (way WAY in the future) because I love this feeling of loving someone this much, I can only imagine it'll be magnified more when it's my own child. So yeah, I'm so thankful for my sister bringing Rhiannon into my life, I honestly can't imagine it without her anymore. ♥

2.) I have the luxury to choose being a vegetarian.

Becoming a vegetarian 8 years ago was MY CHOICE and I've never regretted it once. I'm happy with my choice and I hope to continue it throughout my life. In fact once I'm able to support myself financially, I plan on becoming vegan. But the thing is, being a vegetarian is a PRIVILEGE. Not everyone has the option, the luxury, to become a vegetarian because they need all the food they can to survive. So I try to make it clear that I don't think I'm some elitist picky eater and look down at people who eat meat, because I am still fully aware that not everyone can become a vegetarian due to their own means of supporting themselves. (Though a vegetarian diet is actually CHEAPER than a meat-eating diet, just saying...).

3.) Emelia/Tumblr

Okay this last one is kind of dumb and stupid but I'm still IMMENSELY thankful nonetheless. Last Thanksgiving I said I was thankful for my roommate Emelia because she was the BEST ROOMMATE EVER (seriously thank you God for pairing me with her), I could not have gone through my freshman year of college without her. But this year I'm thankful for her for a few different, silly reasons. She may be in Philadelphia now but she still managed to make the list again this year! :P

I'm thankful for her because she introduced me to 2 things I'm completely obsessed with now: The Hunger Games book series, and TUMBLR. I know, I know, lame but omg I can't help it. I remember I used to make fun of her ALL THE TIME for her tumblr obsession but I got a tumblr and gave it a try and at first I was like "This is boring" but then I tried it again during the summer and became COMPLETELY OBSESSED WITH IT. It's completely taken over my old livejournal blogging ways. :( But the reason why I'm so thankful for having tumblr in my life is that it's made me see that there are other people out there completely like me. I'm not alone! All my weird obsessions and habits and fangirling, OTHER PEOPLE DO IT TOO! It makes me feel better and not so weird because I'm the only one in my family who likes all this weird stuff. :/

I also want to say thanks to Emelia because she introduced me to The Hunger Games! I never thought I'd find another book series as good as the Harry Potter series (and seriously, Harry Potter is my favorite series EVER because it's so personal to me ♥ ). I feel it is up to par with the Harry Potter series (while still being about COMPLETELY DIFFERENT subjects) because I always recommend it to others! Usually when people ask me what they should read I never really know what to say other than Harry Potter (if they haven't already) but I would definitely recommend The Hunger Games series to everyone! I remember reading those books SO FAST!!! I remember I even bought the last book on my Kindle because I was so impatient and didn't want to wait for her to bring the last one from her house on the weekend lol. (Not a decision I regret at all because the last book ended up being my favorite!) And now they're making a movie out of the series!!!! So if it wasn't for her, I would've never known about this amazing fandom and the book series and just yeah! :)

Alright so those are the things that I am thankful for this year and I just wanted to share! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! :) And if you're not American I hope you had a great Thursday anyway! :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Ultimate Birthday Wish List

Last winter I posted my Ultimate Christmas Wish List expecting not to get any of those things, just wishful thinking. However I was completely surprised to find out that my mom had gotten me just about EVERYTHING on that list!!

So now that my birthday is a month away (July 11!), I figured I could do an Ultimate Birthday Wish List! :) Now, this is not at all directed at anyone to actually get me any of this, as my Christmas list wasn't intended that way either. This is just what I WISH I could get for my birthday, but don't EXPECT it. So without further ado:

1. A 2NE1 themed birthday
Possibly the only girl group that I like almost as much as SNSD (though not nearly as much lol). I don't really like many other girl groups aside from f(x) and 2NE1, but it's just that I love SNSD soo much that people think I'm more of a girl group lover but I'm not lol. I know I really a girl group though when I can't decide who my favorite is, and in 2NE1 they're all so unique I can't seem to pick my favorite!

I guess I don't *literally* want a 2NE1 themed birthday, but since I'll be turning the big 2-1, I just want to be able to sing "Eh eh eh eh eh eyy to-anyone, eh eh eh eh eh eh eyy we're twenty-one!" I just want to blast 2NE1 ALL day long because it'll be "symbolic" to the age I'm turning. :D

2. A bottle of Hypnotiq

Well, I will be turning 21 after all, and though beer is cheap and all, I want to be drinking the alcoholic beverage of my choice! I'm not asking for a huge bottle or anything lol, just something I can enjoy as my first legal alcoholic drink lol.

3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 tickets!!!

I'm getting these no matter what!!!! I'd just be a nice treat to have someone else get them for me. I love that the Harry Potter movie releases are almost always in July because it's always been an awesome birthday treat for me, an this one's just 4 days after my birthday. ^_^


I told myself I was done with posters, but I really really just need a GD poster to make my collection complete!!!! I just love G-Dragon too much to not have a poster of him!! I want a solo poster of him of course, but blonde-haired GD is my favorite so I'd also like this group group poster, but then again GDTOP is my favorite of Big Bang so I think this poster of him with silver-haired TOP would be totally awesome because they both look so damn badass!! Any of these will do until I find the perfect blonde-haired G-Dragon poster lol.

5. G-Dragon stickers

I can't help it!!! I love stickers and I looooooooooove blonde G-Dragon even more! I like to put stickers all over things, like my chargers and stuff so I can always identify that it's mine! With so many electronics and their chargers around my house it's easy to get them all confused with each other but I always know which ones are mine. Plus I just want GD stickers!! :( The photoshoot used in these pictures is like my faaaaavorite GD photoshoot! I even have the photos as my phone background!

6. Beats Headphones

Having the GD&TOP Beats edition would be perfect of course, but that edition is sold out/expired/only sold on Korean websites that I can't understand :/ but really the regular editions would be awesome too. These are like a luxury item though, they're really expensive and I don't really *need* them I just want the white ones really bad cuz they're soo pretty! I guess 2NE1 wearing them in their Can't Nobody music video was what made me want them the most lol. I've been trying to find some on eBay that are cheaper than their normal sale price but they're still pretty expensive in my opinion for just headphones. Still want them though. :(

7. A subscription to Elle Girl Korea

This was probably the only thing I didn't get from my Ultimate Christmas Wish List, though it's completely understandable because their website is all in Korean so it's impossible for a foreigner to navigate. D: Needless to say, I still want it badly to have pretty pictures of all the idols and practice my Korean!

8. Purses, Shoes, Giftcards, Etc

As usual, any type of purse (big!) or shoes (I'm REALLY into heels/wedges lately) will do really. And the standard "I don't know what to get you" giftcards will work for me and I won't be offended or anything lol. Amazon giftcard=books for my Kindle, etc. and you get the idea.

So there you have it, my Ultimate Birthday Wish List! Thankfully it's shorter than my Christmas Wish List, though this one does have pricier items. And no SNSD items, what?!?! I'm trying to tone it down on the obsession. -_- I'm just really looking forward to turning 21 and wearing my 21 crown that I bought in Las Vegas for New Years lol, and celebrating my birthday by bawling my eyes out at the Harry Potter Part 2 finale. ;_;

Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

So New York is supposed to be the melting pot of America where many different cultures reside and stuff, a prominent one being Asian cultures because of Chinatown, etc.

Well El Paso may not be as diverse in culture as New York, there does seem to be one culture's food that is well loved by us Mexicans. When I was doing my research for my cultural project for English, I found an article that said that the Mexicans in El Paso really loved Chinese food so there are an abundance of Chinese restaurants here.

When I moved to New York I was genuinely expecting the food to be amazingly better than the Chinese food I'd had in El Paso. Surprisingly though, I found myself thoroughly dissapointed each time I ordered from a different Chinese restaurant over there. They might've offered a little more variety in dishes with tofu, but somehow it just didn't make up for their lackluster flavor of my favorite dish.

I've been a vegetarian for well over 6 years (and no I haven't regretted it since, I'm not missing out, etc) so it's a little harder for me to find dishes I can eat at restaurants, so normally there's only one or two to choose from and I stick to those.

Anyway, none of the Chinese food i tried in NY compared to El Paso's China Wok. It is exclusively in El Paso, only one location in fact, on Lee Trevino across from Hanks High School, and is run by a cute Chinese family.

The way they cook their tofu is what keeps me coming back. They fry their tofu instead of steam it, which gives it so much more flavor and texture! I remember asking the different Chinese restaurants in NY if they could fry my tofu too but it just wouldn't taste the same. :/

I remember when China Wok used to only be a take out place because they weren't big enough to be a sit-down dinner type of restaurant, but soon enough they got successful enough to buy the building next door and turned it into a place full of tables for customers and now their business is doing great!

There are many other delicious Chinese restaurants to choose from in El Paso (Peking Garden!!) but for a lower price range, or one that isn't an Americanized buffet, China Wok is definitely the choice to go to in El Paso. Their prices are affordable even for the average student and their plethora of dishes are delicious!

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Om Nom Nom

Earlier in the school year I had to do an English project on a culture I was a part of. I chose to do it on Mexicans in El Paso and how they differ from other Mexicans. I interviewed many people and one of the things many of them said they loved about El Paso was the food.

After spending a year in New York I've realized how different our food is and how many restaurants we have that New York doesn't have and probably other places as well.

So I decided to start this new series where I'd post about different restaurants in El Paso that I missed in New York because they didn't have them!

The first is: Peter Piper Pizza

This place is just like Chuck E. Cheese's with the games and tokens and prizes, but better lol. Plus you don have to be 18 to be there lol. It's always packed with Mexicans much like all of El Paso but I feel like this place is more so usually.

Idk but their pizza is the BEST pizza I've ever had!! I think it's their cheese that makes it taste so different lol but it's just delicious! No other pizza compares!

I think this chain restaurant can be found in other Texas cities but I'm not too sure on that. There are quite a few found all over El Paso and is a popular place for kids birthday parties or for kids from middle school to high school to hang out at night.

If you're ever in El Paso I'd suggest going here if you have kids, of just to try it!

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Warning: This post contains a lot of fangirling

As part of BEDA (Blog Every Day in April), I have decided to do this "30 days of Kpop Meme" but will condense the posts to 3 days a post, because I want those other days to post other Kpop related stuff for my April is KPOP Month! project. :)
So without futher ado:

Day 1: Your favorite kpop guy group
C.N. Blue

I really love them because they can actually play music and stuff, rather than just sing. (Not dissing other boy groups in anyway cuz I love other groups too!) I just like the fact that they can really play. I mean it sucks that they can't play live during music programs like Music Core, Music Bank, Inkigayo, or M Countdown because of time constrictions and sound problems etc, but I know that they really can play hehe.

Aside from their music being so good and catchy, the boys themselves are too cute! They're so dorky and lovable! I don't know how Minhyuk (right) manages to be so damn cute and sexy at the same time; Yo~ng is sooo charismatic on stage, that's the reason he's the leader; Jonghyun with his beautiful voice and face; and Jungshin chingoo~ the nation's friend!! I like him better with his messy ponytail hair rather than the suave girlish hair he sports lately, but he's still the nation's friend hehe. Their interactions together are so funny and cute hehe.

I'll admit if it wasn't for SNSD (Seohyun being on We Got Married with Yonghwa) I wouldn't have known about them, but I'm so glad I do! Just watching their small appearances on We Got Married was enough to make me love them hehe. Now they're getting suuuuuuper successful, what with doing so well on music shows despite being pretty new at first, their songs were so damn good!, and all of them getting acting deals in dramas and stuff, it just makes me so proud! :) Considering they all came from wealthy families and then struggled to get by in Japan really says that they were willing to give up their comfortable lifestyles for their music. They've come a long way in so short but they really deserve all their success!

Day 2: Your favorite kpop girl group
Lol is this even a question?
SNSD/Girls' Generation/소녀시대/So Nyuh Shi Dae ♥

No other words to describe Soshi than: beautiful, amazing, perfect, goddesses, flawless, etc.
Haters gonna hate~ (and trust me, they have A LOT of haters because of jealousy issues)
I really don't understand the hate though. These girls have gone through sooo much hatred wise, struggling their way to the top, but now that they're THE top girl group in the industry, they still have remained the same sweet, dorky, HUMBLE girls they have been from day one. They never forget who they are and that their fame can be taken away at any moment, so they appreciate at it while they have it and are so thankful for the support and love they do get, considering they have a lot of haters.

Day 3: Your ultimate kpop guy bias

Uuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnfffffffff - The things this boy does to me, I can't even ♥

This guy is absolute perfection!!!!! He seriously just driiiiiiiiipppsss with charisma!!!! Every time I watch Big Bang videos or anything, I just can't NOT look at him, my eye goes directly to him.
Despite the fact that I've been into kpop for a year now, I only recently started listening to Big Bang, and this was around the time that their subunit GD&TOP were debuting, so I instantly fell in love with G-Dragon. As I learned more about him, I realized that he is Big Bang's producer and writes most/all of their songs! For some reason this just adds to his appeal lol, like he's in charge of his own music which I love! Plus the fact that he's CONSTANTLY changing his image is so awesome: srsly he is always changing his hairstyles! There was a lot of talk over his recent "black hair" that I honestly loved, but blonde!G-Dragon will always be my favorite ♥, I especially love the way his hair is now, though who knows how long it'll stay this way, Big Bang is due for another comeback in a few days XD. I love the fact that he's willing to take risks and has sooo much confidence in himself gahhhh it's just so sexy! :D He just demands the stage with his charisma and he can pull off so many different looks and styles of music (from his poppy "Heartbreaker" to his hip hop "Knock Out" and his adooooorably sexy self in the "Don't Go Home" music video my goddddddddddddd. Words cannot describe how Kwon Jiyong makes me feel~~~~Now here's an adorably cute video of him speaking English:

See?! How is is possible for him to look so incredibly cute yet sexy at the same time!! And in just a plain white v-neck or a white suit!! Gahhh he's just so perfect! Seriously, just browse through Fuckyeahgdragon tumblr (the source for most of these pictures) and I dare you to try and not fall for him, it's impossible!

So phew, I feel that these first 3 topics were really spazzworthy, though I tried to contain myself as best as I could (I couldn't for GD though!). Here are the rest of the days to come

Day 1: Your favorite kpop guy group -CN Blue
Day 2: Your favorite kpop girl group -SNSD
Day 3: Your ultimate kpop guy bias -Kwon Jiyong! G-Dragon♥

Day 4: Your ultimate kpop girl bias
Day 5: Your favorite kpop song from your favorite guy group
Day 6: Your favorite kpop song from your favorite girl group
Day 7: A kpop song that makes you cry
Day 8: A kpop song you know all the words to
Day 9: Your favorite kpop performance
Day 10: A kpop dance you'd like to learn
Day 11: Your favorite kpop music video
Day 12: The very first kpop song you've ever heard
Day 13: A kpop group you dislike and why
Day 14: A kpop song that makes you smile
Day 15: A kpop song that reminds you of someone you miss
Day 16: Your favorite kpop lyric (and a translation)
Day 17: A kpop idol you wish was your older sibling
Day 18: A kpop idol you wish was your younger sibling
Day 19: Your favorite interview of a kpop idol or group
Day 20: Your favorite picture of your guy kpop bias
Day 21: Your favorite picture of your girl kpop bias
Day 22: Your favorite picture of your favorite kpop group
Day 23: A picture of a kpop idol who you think is underrated
Day 24: A picture of a kpop idol who you think is overrated
Day 25: Your favorite kpop music video
Day 26: Your favorite cover of a kpop song by another kpop
Day 27: Your favorite dance battle
Day 28: Your favorite cover of an American song by a kpop
Day 29: A kpop song you never get tired of
Day 30: A kpop idol that has amazing eye smiles

Friday, April 1, 2011


Okay, I'll admit I haven't blogged in forever! all in since 2010, I didn't even finish my 30 Days of December meme! But to be fair, I was in Las Vegas for New Years so I didn't really have much time to blog then lol. And ever since I've been back in school, I've been CRAZY busy, like unbelievably-no-college-student-should-be-this-busy-crazy kind of busy. And as it is I've got 4 projects due next week, not including all the projects I do for work, but I honestly I need a break, and blogging has always a way to relieve my stress, so this shall be my break!

Anyway, I had always planned to do something big blogging wise in April because April 1st is my ~Kpop anniversary lol. But as soon as I heard about "BEDA" Blog Every Day in April - it was just too perfect so now I'm doing this for sure! Hopefully I can keep up with it (lol I can already tell it'll be easier said than done but I'm going to try!)

So, as I mentioned, April 1st is my ~KPop anniversary. What I mean by that is that last year on April 1st was the first day I had EVER heard a kpop song in my life. I know it's a stupid thing to remember, but Kpop has literally turned my entire world upside down and changed my future so it's pretty significant to me.

Another reason why I remember that date so clearly is because it is April Fools Day which has a lot to do with how I first heard a Kpop song. People always ask me how I got into Kpop so I'll explain how!

Louie used to always go on this website called 4chan where it's pretty much full of brilliant trolls and where almost all internet memes are created. If you don't know what 4chan is, wiki it, it's pretty interesting. Anyway, last year as their April Fools joke they had SNSD's "Gee" playing in a loop on their website (or certain boards I'm not sure), and Louie looked up the song and voila, we came across this video!

With its shitty quality, I couldn't make out their faces, so I honestly thought they had just computer generated copies of the same person/people, idk how I thought this lol. It wasn't until the end of the video that I realized they were NINE girls and I was blow away by how IN SYNC they were with their dancing! That was what had fooled me into thinking it was just the same person copied and a change of short color or something lol. Once I realized there were nine girls the first thought was "How are they so in sync?!" and the second was "Why are there so many?!"

Then I googled "SNSD" and this is the first picture I ever saw of them. Click for full size

When I saw it, my mouth dropped, I was like "How are they all so freaking beautiful?!" And their legs, jealoussssssss. The only problem was that I couldn't tell them apart lol.

The next day I spent the entire day listening to "Gee" and watching their music video where I could finally see their faces and stuff lol. I had instantly developed a favorite, Sooyoung♥ (the furthest right) from the moment I saw her in that first photo! I don't know how, I guess because she was the first I could tell apart? Idk but I love her!

I watched all their other videos, at the time Run Devil Run had just come out, and I was shocked at how different they looked! It took me a while to figure out who was who, especially because their looks constantly kept changing! Short hair, blonde hair, "dark" concepts, etc. But it I finally figured out who was who in 8 days. That same 8th day, I joined Soshified and I knew I was sucked in for goooood.

At first I had thought it would only be SNSD that I'd like, but slowly I began listening to/liking other songs by other artists, and now all I listen to is Kpop! T_T And I constantly watch Korean tv shows and dramas and movies, etc. It's completely taken over my life! I've even become an Asian Studies minor, learning Korean (ugh I can't wait for the day that I don't have to wait for subs to come out to watch something!), and it's just changed my life completely. I still want to be a journalist, but my plans are to be a journalist in Korea. Maybe I'll get to interview an idol! :D

So, yeah. Kpop has changed my life and I'm a loser for that, but oh well. So in honor of my Kpop obsession thanks to 4chan on April 1, 2010 April will now officially be KPOP Month to me!!!